Monday, July 9, 2012

Meandering Through Monday

Well, it was a pleasant enough weekend. I saw a pair of movies I enjoyed. They were two very different movies - "Savages" and "Moonrise Kingdom". They were both surreal explorations of humanity. And now that I think about it both contained violence and nudity. Perhaps they were more alike then I realized at the time.

I am working a short week this week - today and tomorrow, and then I will be out on vacation until the following Tuesday, heading down to San Diego for a long weekend. We're going to drive down (it's about eight hours) and I am looking forward to the drive.

My motivation level here at work today is very low. I think it is going to be one of those days where I am going to keep my mouth shut and my head down and just check the boxes on the days. Speaking of the surreal, I had the surreal experience today of taking ethics training, delivered by a person I consider to be the least ethical director I've ever had. I am still not entirely sure what to make of that.

My family continues their ongoing feud and the battle lines have hardened. So far I've managed to keep from getting drawn into it. I think I will continue to try and simply stay out of it. Allow them to work through their our trauma and drama.

T.R. continues her journey of walking meditation on the coast, and that brings me a tremendous sense of admiration. Chasing your dreams, whatever those dreams are, is never an easy thing, though it should be. When we see people making those decisions it can't help but be inspiring. Given the low profile, low energy day that I find myself working my way through, its nice to have that inspiration.

I am expecting delivery of a pair of boxes from UPS today, and I am tempted to relocate home and wait for them, but I think I might do that a little later in the day. I hope they don't require a signature, but all too often they do, so if I miss them today, I will have to hang around the house and take delivery of them tomorrow. I think I have five hours of meetings tomorrow, so that might be the best approach.

Well, I reckon I should shift my focus back to the work day, as best I can. I need to put some hours into drawing a flow chart in support of my portion of the project, and maybe spend some time working on a powerpoint deck. Even with low motivation I should be able to get something done. Maybe. (Mwahahaha - insert Evil Laughter here.)
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