Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Summary of Saturday

Saturday day was a pretty good day.  Breakfast, a walk through Fry's, then I headed over to Santa Cruz with Don to get some lunch.  Traffic was heavy on 17, so we took 9 through the mountains.  As usual, it was a pleasant drive, winding through the woods, zooming up and down the switch backs. 

At Santa Cruz we went downtown and wandered for a while, just enjoying the day.  From there, lunch at Rosie McCann's. I had the Shepherds Pie, which was pretty good. 

Then, a quick zip back on 17, ahead of the traffic.  The evening was quiet, I read a bit, I wrote a bit and then I watched "John Carter" on BD.

I wrapped up the night reading some more of "The January Dancer".

Last night, I slept well, but I dreamed of work - I dreamed of a big meeting where everything was getting heated. I have jokingly suggested that I am going to start charging the company hour for dreaming about work.  I think that is a good idea!  I am sure they wouldn't agree though.

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