Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramen Girl - A Movie

I watched an interesting movie off the DVR tonight - "Ramen Girl" with the late Brittany Murphy. She plays a girl who relocates to Japan with her boyfriend, only to have her boyfriend abandon her and leave her there. Lost, she finds her was to a ramen shop where she decides to learn to cook ramen.  It is a pretty simple plot, with elements of the fish out of the water comedy, and all in all it is a sweet and touching little film. I enjoyed it and I would recommend it if you're in the mood for sweet and touching.

I worked virtually today and focused on getting some of my backlog cleaned out, which I managed to due, getting the bultk of it cut down to two remaining things, which I am hoping to wrap up on tomorrow, then it is back into project world. I kept the day on a low profile, slow and easy, and it passed well enough.  Dinner was a tasty sausage, egg, green onion and cheese scramble, with toast.  After dinner, it was a pleasant walk through the neighborhood on a warm summer evening.

Right now, I am winding down the end of the day watching one of my favorite movies - "Lost in Translation".  I turned to it after having watched "Ramen Girl".  I guess I was in the mood for movies about people lost in Japan who manage to find themselves.  Who knows what that says about my inner condition right now.

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