Friday, October 19, 2012

Going Easy

I went easy today. I didn't sleep well last night.  It was a hot night so I went to sleep with the bedroom window wide open and the overhead fan spinning.  About three thirty a.m. there were some people standing out across the street having a conversation near their car and one of them had a voice that was at the perfect timbre to irritate me and prevent me from falling back to sleep.  Then, once I was awake, my monkey-mind seized on a word related problem and basic went berserk with it for an hour or so.

I woke at about my usual time, splashed, bleary eyed, through the shower, then had a good conversation with T.R., who headed off to Grove Park for a long weekend. I had breakfast with Tony at Goodies II on Bascom, then connected with Bob for a day of mostly wandering around.  I am looking for a small L shaped desk.  I did not find was I was looking for, though I came very close at Ikea.  I've got a particular place I want to put it, where I currently have a pair of tables, so I am being kind of picky about what I select.  I may look around some more to see what I can find.

After that, I came home, watched "Elementary" with Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Mille, took a short nap, had dinner and that watched a great little movie that I highly recommend if you haven't scene it - just for the sheer strangeness of it.

The movie is "Attack the Block".  The premise is that aliens arrive on Earth and the first one runs into a pack of touch street kids who kill it.  The rest of the movie consists of the kids defending their block from the alien invasion.  It's definitely an entertaining piece of film.  In a couple of minutes here I am going to curl back up in bed with "The Cities of the Plain" and work toward the end of it.

I have "The Cloud Atlas" stacked up behind it, and I want to read it before I see the movie - the movie comes out next week, so I will probably miss it on opening weekend.  That, then, was an easy day.

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