Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home, Sweet and Simple

Today was a traveling day. Now, as it winds down into dusk, my eyes are heavy. Part of that heaviness is probably allergies (in the last couple of days down in San Diego I developed a scratch in my throat that I've brought home with me), and part of it is just that great sense that comes of being home after a time of traveling. I've resisted the temptation to take a nap, largely so I can fall deeply into sleep once I slip into my own bed.

As nice as the hotel was, as comfortable as the hotel bed was, there is nothing quite like the comfort of your own bed, your own sheets, your own pillows and the soundscape that you know so well. I am sure I will sleep deeply and restfully tonight.

The last two days of the San Diego vacation were spent mostly in just relaxing and then relaxing a little more. On Monday we went out and saw "Captain America", which was enjoyable, then has dinner with a cluster of Tony's friends which was fun. On Tuesday, we had breakfast at Janet's, I had a work related teleconference, and then we drove up to Palomar Mountain and checked out the observatory. (There was other stuff in there too, but right now I am too tired to write about them.)

The Palomar Observatory was a pretty cool place - it was well worth the trip. The drive up the mountain was nice, but on the drive down the late summer haze had risen so all the vista's were blurred. I took a couple of pictures, but nothing of particular note. (So much of photography is about light - and good light makes all the difference.) The 200 inch telescope there is a pretty impressive feat of engineering and gazing at the displays of the various astronomical pictures and features was pretty cool as well.

Tonight though, it is simply good to be home and my plan is a quiet evening, followed by sweet and blessed sleep. Tomorrow will be a brisk day - I need to move all my furniture and stuff off the carpet so I can have the carpet replaced on Friday. That is going to be very cool and I am looking forward to it. I don't have that much stuff anymore, so I suspect everything is going to fit either into the kitchen or bathroom and onto the patio. I actually expect that it is all going to fit pretty seamlessly into the kitchen. Moving things around is also going to give me some incentive to do a bit more purging. I expect that a few bags and boxes of stuff are going to make the outward bound trip as I continue my journey toward simplicity.

So, at the traveling end of the vacation (though with four days left before I have to return to work) let me just bid every a simple goodnight.

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