Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Third Day of Vacation - An Incidental Day

If I had to characterize today I would call it a day of odds and ends. Breakfast with friends, I stop at the car wash, a few errands, a movie, some cleaning, and assembling some empty boxes for use tomorrow. Tomorrow will feel like the first true day of vacation because tomorrow will be the first day where I have to go to work but don't. The last three days were simply like an extended three-day weekend which happens to me every other week. But tomorrow, tomorrow morning when I wake up, I will lay there in the full realization that I don't have to go to work.

I have four things planned tomorrow. I want to do a couple loads of laundry. I want to wash the bathroom walls. I want to box the contents of my DVD collection. Finally, I want to pack my bags for San Diego. That should fill the day nicely. It might sound like a lot but really it's not, and should flow smoothly. I've got 10 empty boxes sitting here in the living room but I won't need them all for my DVD collection. Some of them will end up holding some stray books that have to go. I'm anticipating that sorting my book collection is actually going to be much tougher than sorting my DVD collection. I've already been through multiple sorts of my books, so what remains are the cream of the crop. I guess what I have to do is skim some of that cream off. Will see how good I am at it tomorrow.

As I played on the computer tonight I struggled with sleep. I should've taken a nap in the afternoon. I thought about it but then I got caught up washing the ceiling in the bathroom of all things. It had to be done! Of course, that's what we compel me to wash the walls tomorrow. You can't just wash the ceiling, you have to do the whole thing. Well, I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow! I am going to love that feeling when I lay in bed and realize I don't have to get up. Realize that Monday belongs to me. It's going to be a great feeling.

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