Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Pause on Saturday Morning

The last show we attended on Saturday was the presentation for TNT's "Falling Skies", with the full cast including Noah Wylie, Moon Bloodgood, and Will Patton. It was a fun and entertaining presentation and for the gift from the studio with got a light weight gray hoodie - with the alien "harness" from the show printed on the back of the hoodie. It is a pretty cool gift.

We had a simple dinner at the Marriott's there (I opened for crab cake and a salad), then wandered our way back through downtown to the hotel, where the day was basically done. I had a conversation with family and a conversation with T.R., then fell pretty rapidly to sleep.

Today, Saturday, is the big day for the convention - the largest crowd will be today, so, depending on how the panels stack up, today is usually the day where I spend most of the day people watching, taking pictures (the costume masquerade is tonight, so every one will be out in their costumed finest today), and wandering the floor. I may or may not slip into a couple of panel. My foot took a beating yesterday, so I am going to try and take it easy on it today.

As usual, this has been a great vacation, with good company, engaging panels, cool art, strange people, and the general niceties of San Diego. All in all a nice vacation.

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