Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday in San Diego

Tuesday in San Diego

Today was a traveling day. We flew down from San Jose about mid-day for a lazy afternoon and evening here in San Diego. It definitely feels like it is vacation now. Part of it is the traveling, part of it is the destination and part of it is just...being. I shot the above incidental photos today, most of them here at the Town & Country Resort. I consider it sort of a warm-up run for the long convention weekend.

Our plan for tomorrow is to head up to Janet's Montana Cafe in Alpine, California for breakfast. It has become a sort of San Diego tradition for us, since we first discovered the place a few years ago. I had read an article that said it was the best breakfast in San Diego country and while that might be a pretty high standard, I can quite honestly state that the food there is excellent. Their Spanish Omelet is simply outstanding. Then, following breakfast, we're going to circle back into San Diego and join two friends of Tony's for lunch.

Later in the afternoon we can pick up our tickets for the weekend and we will, most likely, head down to preview night - though, I might pass on preview night. Preview night is mostly about touring the vendor floor and getting a jump on the acquisition of goodies. It can be fun, but I have not really been in a goody acquisition phase for a while. (In keeping with the whole movement toward minimalism, my goodies are headed in the opposite direction.) Plus that, there are going to be plenty of opportunities to stock up on stuff over the next couple of days.

Tomorrow will be a nice and easy day and then the four days of fun will start from there! (My excitement will gradually increase as each day approaches.)

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