Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Strange Sleep

The first night sleeping in a strange place is always a bit of a challenge. You have to adjust to a new bed, a new pillow, the feel of new sheets and the incidental sounds of both the building and the life that swirls around the building. For a first night, last night was a not a bad night for sleeping in strange places. As always, with a new bed, there is a degree of shifting about to find that comfortable position, that intimate balance shared between your body and your old bed. If you're lucky, you find it quick enough - if not, you may toss and turn until dawn comes. Fortunately, I found that spot fairly quickly.

I am an early riser, so I was awake at 5:00 AM or so and just sort of forced myself to linger in bed, waiting for the day to open up. Around me, outside of the hotel room, I was surprised to hear other people waking and moving about, starting their day. With San Diego being the tourist destination that it is, I am sure some of them were headed out to get an early start on some summer sports for the day - the beach perhaps, or a walk in the mountains, or morning on some unknown vista.

I finally rolled out of the bed, took a nice hot shower (excellent water pressure and temperature by the way - few things can ruin a hotel stay like miserable water pressure and uneven temperatures), shaved, dressed, and made a cup of coffee. At this moment, I am sitting on the red-brick patio in front of the hotel room, drinking my coffee, listening to the morning sounds of San Diego waking up, and watching the hotel staff move about as they prepare to start their days. It is kind of peaceful, if only because the highway sounds like the tumbling of some distant river.

(If you look in the previous entry, you'll see a link to some pictures from the resort - the one with the red brick patio and the white wrought iron furniture is where I am sitting at this very moment.)

The plan today is breakfast at Janet's Montana Cafe in Alpine, about thirty miles to the east. I also mentioned it in yesterdays entry - I am definitely looking forward to it - the times we've been there before the food has been excellent. Then lunch with Tony's friends at one of the local Indian casino's (I think the Barona, unless they plan on driving farther than I think). During the afternoon they've got the satellite badge pick up here at the Town & Country Resort, so we can get our passes to San Diego Comic Con ahead of the maddening crowd. Then, we may or may not go downtown tonight for Preview Night. Right now, we are inclined to, but it will most likely depend on how the day goes.

So, with that quick summary, I am off to start the day - wish me luck!

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