Friday, July 22, 2011

Yes, Stripper is a Costume

Well, as usual, it is a complete and total zoo down here, but it's a lot of fun. Each year, there are new wrinkles, both in the organization of the con (they are spreading out to other facilities, which is a plus (more rooms) and a minus (more walking). They remain immensely popular (more cool stuff, but bigger crowds). Today and tomorrow are the truly chaotic days. If you were to come down and not in particular be interested in the Hollywood panels (which I am only peripherally interested in), then it is still a good time. It is almost as if it is two conventions - one is the movie and television side of the convention (which draws massive crowds, huge lines, etc.) and the other is the comic book and graphic arts part of the convention (which is quite reasonable, all in all). Today's plan, at least for me, is to take it entirely as it goes and engage in a lot of old fashioned people watching.

One of the wrinkles I will write about more later is - I may not be able to get pre-registration badges for 2012 on site this year. They've changed the mechanics of it - moved it to another hotel and capped the number they are selling each day. Consequently, the line has started at very early (6:00 AM or earlier) and has quickly sold out for the day once the door opens. Additionally, they've capped the number of total pre-registration sales on site, so they can have a quantity to sell over the web. I definitely understand why they would take a different approach - I cannot over emphasize the total zoo like qualities of the event. Just watch out for the lions!

Oh yeah, and once again I am reminded of a thought that always pops into my mind when I am people watching. "Yes, "stripper" is a costume."

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