Thursday, July 21, 2011

Still Point

I woke about five thirty AM this morning and lay there in the darkness, waiting for the still point of the day. You know that point - that moment when the night surrenders to the dawn, that moment when all the world is precariously balanced on a very fine scale and darkness and light weigh in equal measures the very nature of our souls. A perfect moment.

From there, it was a shower, a shave, and a cup of hot coffee. (The coffee machine here is fine, but - it's no Gort (Gort is my Kuerig at home). Still, Gort's little cousin provides a serviceable cup of coffee.

Today is the first day of the San Diego Comic Con, so I packed my shoulder bag of necessary goodies to survive a day at the convention center (snacks, water, ibuprofren and sunscreen), making sure to leave enough room for the variety of things that will be available. If I have a plan this convention - I want to spend a significant amount of time on the vendor floor, weaving my way in and out among the various vendors and artists and talent, with an eye out for something cool.

Here at the resort, many of the people in the resort are attending the convention. Last night, during badge pickup, we stood in line with a young woman and her son who have come in from Manila, which was pretty impressive. I've been sitting here on the patio watching the people starting to flow out to head downtown - the convention runs shuttle buses from this hotel, the train is just out back, and you can always drive. Parking is tight downtown, unless you get there early or late. In all the years we've been coming, I think I've only bounced off full parking lots two or three times, and then usually because we were running late.

Well, I am looking forward to the start of the four day event, as I move through the still-point of the morning. I may go to short updates from the Blackberry as I weave through the day, assuming that AT&T has the capacity. (Yes, there are so many people in Comic Con, texting, tweeting, and calling on their cell phones, that sometimes the cellular networks go over capacity and you just hope for a signal.)

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