Sunday, July 3, 2011

On A Slow Sunday Morning

It was fairly hot here yesterday, ending the day in the mid-eighties and taking that long, slow cool down into the night that foreshadows the heat of today. According to the weather channel we are supposed to climb into the low nineties - so that is going to be one warm day. I haven't decided if I am actually going anything today - I may spend the day dodging the heat or doing incidental errands around the apartment. Mostly though, I am going to simply flow through the day.

I tossed and turned for a while before I finally fell asleep last night and then I woke pretty crisply at 5:30 AM this morning and ran through a shower, than had a simple breakfast. I sorted and bagged some laundry (which I may do later in the morning), I cleaned the kitchen (my usual Sunday morning ritual), I had a light snack (since I am planning on going out to meet the guys for breakfast in about an hour), I logged onto my work email account (just to make sure their wasn't anything major unfolding over the weekend, also something I usually do on a Sunday morning), I programmed my DVR to capture TNT's "Falling Skies" tonight, as well as an episode I missed last week while my DVR was down, and finally - I've been intermittently watching a couple of episodes of "The Dresden Files".

Looking back on that paragraph, it appears as if it has been a brisk morning. I am tempted to vacuum the living room floor, but it is still a little early (before eight AM) and I may want to save that for later in the day if I decide to hole up against the heat. In short, its been a good Sunday morning so far. (Oh, and yesterday I installed Windows 7 on my Sony laptop, so this is my first attempt at updating my blog in the new OS.). For whatever reasons, known only to the mysteries of the heart and the universe, I am in a pretty good mood this morning and looking forward to the day.

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