Friday, July 22, 2011

IO9 Panel - Science Fiction That Could Change Your Life

This was an enjoyable little panel - basically writers discussing the science fiction they liked over the last year. I took some notes and you can google some of the things to see if you like any of them.

-Charles Yu "How to Live Safely in a Science Fiction Universe"

-Collected Works of James Stokoe (a Canadian cartoonist).

-Sucker Punch (there was a great movie in there that just missed - a really bad chef working with great ingrediants)

-Source Code and Limitless - ideal driven, medium budget movie, which actually made money. (Moon from last year was 5 million)

-Tower Prep (unsupported quick dying television show - was very good, but lacked support) and a movie called "Never Let Me Go" (if The Island had been written by intelligent people)

-Torchwood: Miracle Day "The singularity happens and it totally sucks."

-A Short Story Collection - "Slightly Behind and to the Left".

-The Quantum Thief (Novel) A society completely obsessed with privacy.

-World 34 (Novel)

-Awkward Embraces web series

-Six Months, Three Days Charlie Dean Anderson

"Technology is a metaphor for what is in the soul of the writer."
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