Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jim Henson, Deborah Ann Woll and Aphaereis

Okay, once again, let me start with a bit of a Non Sequitur. This song was the first song I heard this morning and it rode through the entire day with me and well into the evening. I thought I would share it with you - it's a great little song you might have heard before.

"This One Goes Out To The One I Love" by REM.

So, today moved very pleasantly. Breakfast at The Broken Yolk Cafe, then an easy day at San Diego Comic Con. I went to two panels - the first was a presentation on early Jim Henson (prior to the Muppets) with the archivist from the Jim Henson Company sharing four of his earlier works (all demonstrative of Jim Henson's particular brand of genius). Then they spoke about a collaborative work that is coming out as a graphic novel, based on an early script by Jim and his writing partner Jerry Juhl, written in the fifties and sixties. Here is a like to the work at Bleeding Cool...

A Tale of Sand

Following that panel, I went to panel called "Character Voices II" which was a panel with a half a dozen voice actors, talking about their work, and then doing a cold read of a tale about Snow White that was very funny. I will try and find a copy of it on YouTube and share it with you.

Following that, I headed across the street and donated some red blood cells via Aphaeresis. If you're not already a routine blood donor, I would encourage you to become one. It is an opportunity for you to quite literally save the life of someone you'll never meet - and that is very cool. So, by all means, donate blood.

While I was strapped to the machine, sitting there watching all the other donors, one of the cast of the HBO series "True Blood", Deborah Ann Woll, came in with her boyfriend to donate and to visit and encourage the donors. It was a very nice touch and they were a gracious couple. She chatted with donors and staff, signed autographs, and posed for pictures.

After that, once I had my free cookies and apple juice, I met Tony and Toby at Cafe Diem for lunch, then we wandered back. It was good to get off my feet, take a hot bath and just ease into the evening. The plan tomorrow is to just relax, do whatever strikes the moment, and enjoy the day. We've got two full days of pure relaxation that I am looking forward to, and then it will be back to San Jose. So, from the end of the last day of Comic Con - good night!

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