Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Pleasant and Ordinary Day

It is about 7:15 PM on Saturday night. It's been a good day. I slept well last night and had a pair of dreams.

One dream was an enjoyable dream – I dreamt that TR was riding around in a white convertible. The convertible was filled with her friends and they were all wearing vintage clothes. On waking the movie I immediately thought of was Mamma Mia, the dream had that Greek island feel, and the lightness of the move.

The second dream was about work. In that dream I had been sent to another building to perform a task, except once I got there I did not know where to go. No one else in the building seemed to know where I was supposed to go either. Normally dreams of being lost are anxiety dreams. However, this dream, did not have that feel. It just felt like par for the course. I am not sure what that says about my work or what that says about what my subconscious thinks of my work, where being lost is ordinary.

I started the day with a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal. I was lingering into the morning watching programs off my DVR, drinking coffee, and listening to the gathering of the bird tribe on my patio, when TR called. We had a wonderful morning conversation which set me in just the right mood for the day.

We had a big crowd at the Hickory pit for breakfast. There were seven of us which made for a lively table conversation wise. There were animated conversations going on at both ends of the table. Those who were sitting in the bridge seats could simply lean left or lean right and in another conversation. After breakfast we took a walk through Fry's. Then the guys headed over to Bob's were their weekend game. I stopped by to visit for a while because I wanted to talk to Pierre and Helen. I am trying to lure them out to San Francisco for dim sum and a trip to the DeYoung. They are in, will talk some point this week to actually pick a date.

From there I swung by the market to pick up groceries and a few odds and ends. After that a stop at target to pick up a new phone. My old home phone has been on the fritz for a while. Plus, I wanted to get a phone that would let me either turn the ringer way down or turn it all the way off. For reasons known only to the universe with the old phone if you turn the ringer all the way down after a while it turns itself back up. I assumed that the phone was resetting itself at some point. It was frustrating me because the unexpected ringing in the evening was loud and disturbing. The new phone has a much more pleasant ring tone and the ability to turn the volume way down and to quiet the ringer with the push of a button. I like both of those features.

Then, I wandered home. I spent a quiet afternoon in the apartment watching television programs off my DVR, reading, and doing incidental things around the house. Dinner was a bowl of vegetable soup and a tall glass of water. The evening is quiet and gentle. I'm going to fool around with my new electronic toy for the next hour or so. All in all, another beautiful day in California.

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