Saturday, March 1, 2014

Easing Into The Night

A wonderful conversation with TR last night, a good night sleep, a gentle morning and the day has been very good. I woke at close to my normal time with a wicked calf cramp that jolted me out of bed.  A quick turn through the shower, a cup of hot coffee, a cup of yogurt as a snack, then I settled in and alternated through the morning with a follow up conversation with TR and reading the morning paper (something I do not do often enough). 

Then, I met Tony at the Hickory Pit for breakfast, after which we caught "Stalingrad" at AMC 14.  Lunch at Hawg's Seafood in Campbell, then a stop at Target for mixed shopping before I headed home.  A lazy afternoon watching the bird tribe at the feed on the balcony, watching a bit of DVR - specifically "Vikings" first episode of season 2, then some more reading, and now watching one of my guilty pleasure - "Ancient Aliens".  In short, it has been a nice day - easily spent - relaxing and satisfying,

I am not sure I had any deep thoughts today.  Oh, one or two might have skipped across the surface of my brain, but they were pleasantly easy, all in all.  I am looking forward to just easing into the night, perhaps with a bit more of DVR, perhaps switching over to an entire night reading.

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