Monday, March 31, 2014

A Quick Note, With Musical Notation

A dark and moody day.  Okay, the day is dark and I am moody.  That makes a little more sense.  We’ve got rain coming through intermittently for the week ahead so the sky is gray and overcast and quite beautiful.  It was raining heavy when I went out to lunch and raining very lightly when I came back to the office.  I liked it both ways.  Since California is looking at a hard drought year every drop counts.  However, it doesn’t really do anything to improve my day or my mood for the day.  My mood corresponds with the day, kind of dark, kind of rain tossed. (Since you can’t see the person writing let me just give you a quick visual - I am listening to my iPhone playlist and K.T. Tunstall’s “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” just came on , so suddenly, without warning, I was engaged in a furious session of chair dancing. It constantly amazes me how music has the power to instantly shift our mood.)

Work has been mostly ordinary for a Monday.  Given the rhythms here at the office, Monday is basically an endless meeting for me and today is par for the course - in a nine hour workday, I have seven hours of meetings.  Monday’s are rarely productive days.  Within that, Monday is an ordinary work day.  Though, fortunately, I did get a chance to get out and get some lunch.  I was going to meet my friend Don for lunch, but the timing simply wasn’t there.  He got hung up in some sort of meeting and by the time he was hung up I was already rolling…so I just kept rolling.  (The iPhone has just switched to another great song - “Language and the Kiss” by the Indigo Girls.) I popped out and got a bowl of chili and a grilled cheese sandwich - good comfort food for a rainy day.  I’ve got about ten minutes before I slide into my afternoon meetings, so I thought I would spend it here, writing a quick note.

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