Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Waiting For The Night To Wind Down

"Lost, on a painted sky, where the clouds are hung for the poets eye..." Neal Diamond

That song is on the Jonathan Livingston Seagull soundtrack and I have no idea why it is floating around inside my mind tonight.  Perhaps because it is such a beautiful evening here in California.  Our rain storm seems to have passed through and the evening has been sunny and warm.  I am currently sitting in the living room watching an episode of "Castle" and inhaling the fresh air through the open patio door.

It was a long day at work.  Actually, yesterday was the long day - I worked about fifteen hours in total, a full day and then a full evening due to a technical glitch on one of the systems that I had to hand hold into the evening.  Fortunately the issue was resolved and it did not cascade into the next day.

I had a great conversation with TR and snuggled deep into bed. Unfortunately, I didn't sleep well - I tossed and turned, got up and paced about a couple of times, and then finally fell asleep and slept for about five hours.  The office was busy today, so the time passed quickly and I made some good headway and then tonight, I skated home into this beautiful evening and I am watching the clock make that slow sweep until nightfall.  I may have one of those evenings where I have to struggle to stay awake, least I go to sleep too early - but, I suspect I could go to sleep very easy.

I do hope to manage to stay awake for a while at least - long enough to watch this episode of Castle, then perhaps some time with TR, and finally a chance to curl up and read myself to sleep.  It seems strange, but I have already worked 23 hours in two days.  Whew, no wonder I am sitting here, tired and waiting for the night to wind down.

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