Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Usual Sundays

My usual routine on Sunday mornings involves watching a handful of news analysis shows on a handful of channels.  I tend to like them more then the daily news since they give a little bit of more thoughtful analysis.  Some days the emphasis is on "a little bit". On those days I wonder if I should even bother.  Then, on other days, they give some great analysis and I am hooked again.  That Fareed Zakarias GPS - I am not a huge fan of Fareed himself, but he does put some excellent guests on. On some Sunday's it is a very good show - on other Sunday's it is a waste of time.

I had a great little conversation with TR last night, in which we talked about education and the amazing thing that is modern education. I now personally know several systems engineers, well trained, competent individuals, who earned their degrees online.  That is pretty impressive to me, considering I went through the traditional brick and mortar university process.

I've got an ordinary Sunday ahead of me.  I am going to meet Tony for breakfast and then we are considering going to see "Sabotage" movie with Arnold.  I am kind of ambivalent about it, but am willing to take the risk,  I just hope I don't have extreme movie regret!  (Not to say that my buddy Tony doesn't pick good movies...but sometimes....)

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