Wednesday, March 5, 2014

All In All An Easy Day

It was an easy day today, a deliberately easy day.  Work has been kind of hectic and stressful for the last couple of weeks, so, when the calendar was light today and there was kind of a natural lull I decided to take it easy through the day.  First, I slept in.  Then, on waking, I kind of drifted into the morning.  I headed into the office and worked easy through the day. I had five or six meetings, but I moved pretty smoothly through them. Then, about mid afternoon, I flexed out.  I celebrated Ash Wednesday, then headed home, make dinner, took a nap and a bath and then an easy evening with some quality time with TR, which brings me write into the minute, where I am watching the most recent episode of "True Detectives".  Once again, all and all, and easy day.

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