Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Traveling Day

We were a little late getting out of San Jose this morning, but nothing significant.  We got rolling about six thirty and then Tony had to stop at Kaiser Permanente, then a quick stop at McDonald's for the dreaded sausage biscuit and OJ, which is actually not bad. From there, we were off - there was a bit of fog as we passed east on 152, but nothing too serious.

 By the time we had reached the central valley, the fog vanished and we hopped on 5 South for the bulk of the trip.  We made excellent time all the way, including through LA itself.  It was one of the fastest and smoothest drives to San Diego that I have ever had. 

We stopped at Ricardo's Place in San Juan Capistrano for lunch and the food was truly excellent.  The salsa was incredibly fresh and the enchilada's Capistrano I had were incredibly flavorful.  I followed it up with the flan which was also excellent.  I would highly recommend it if you're in San Juan Capistrano.

From there, it was quick jaunt down into San Diego.  Dinner was a bowl of clam chowder soup, followed by about an hours long nap. Then, I had a great conversation with T.R., during which, as usual, we discussed many things and focused, at the end, on the Mind and the Cosmos. It is an interesting thing to be thinking about as the night slides to a close.

The hotel room is nice (we're at the Hilton in Mission Valley), there is a view of the mountain behind the hotel, which is actually a verdant and lively view, so I am enjoying it.  The beds look comfortable and I am hoping to get a long and sweet nights sleep.  Then, tomorrow, breakfast at Janet's Montana Cafe in Alpine and, hopefully, a quiet and easy day.

Tonight, as I slide into the last part of the evening, I am going to focus on just relaxing, just breathing, and just being.

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