Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It;s Always Good To Come Home

No matter how enjoyable a vacation is returning home is always a great feeling.  We left San Diego about 7:00 AM, drove north on 15 and went out and around Los Angeles to avoid traffic. We drove up through Bakersfield and cut across on 58 to 5.  The Tom-Tom GPS did not know what to make of our cut across and kept trying to route us back north, up 99.  It was about an 8 hour drive, with a stop for lunch in Button Willow.

We got back into San Jose and I started the evening with a bowl of cream of chicken soup. I followed it with a hot shower and then a wonderful little conversation with TR, during which I must have said I was glad to be home a dozen times at least.  Did I mention that it was good to be home yet?  My plan tonight is to stay up long enough to make sure I don't get to sleep too early.  If I go to sleep too early, I will definitely wake up too early.

My plan tomorrow is to take the day as slow and easy as possible.  I will have to, at some point, make a run on the market for fresh produce and other groceries. I don't have much left in the pantry since I tend to eat my pantry down when I am going on vacation.  I had enough for dinner tonight and marginally enough for breakfast tomorrow, but that is about it.

Oh, let me share a little detail with you all.  I mentioned before that I had switched to a safety razor.  I did not take my safety razor with me when I went on vacation.  I took a pack of twin bladed Gillette razors, which I had from before I switched to the safety razor. 

They did not do the job. They didn't even come close.  After my shower tonight I shaved.  So, I am sitting here, clean shaven for the first time in days.  Switching to the safety razor was an amazing thing and next time I travel I am going to make sure I take it with me.  I am even looking forward to shaving again tomorrow.

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