Saturday, July 20, 2013

Here There Be Dragons

Another good day here in San Diego. We decided to head out into the desert and see something that had caught my eye when I read about it a while ago. In the desert near Borrego Springs, California.  There are a set of iron sculptures scattered through the desert - pretty amazing works and well worth the drive.  I only took a handful of pictures, but I thought I would share these two.  The first is a dragon like sea serpent that is over 300 feet long and appears to swim underneath the highway.  This is simply the head of the creature.  The detail is amazing.

Pretty incredible detail isn't it. Now, courtesy of Tony, here is the same image, a slightly different angle, and in scale.

The scale just makes it all that more impressive.  I have other pictures that I will share as well, once I get them scrubbed a bit and load them into my Flickr account,

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