Saturday, July 6, 2013

An Alternate Day

I walked a slightly different path through the day today.  Though I did the ordinary sort of things that I always do, I was just slightly off to the side as I did them, which was the intention.  On waking, I started an ordinary day - but about an hour into the day I realized that I wanted to have a different day - so I changed my pattern.  I fired up the iPod, hit some Van Morrison, and started the day with a round of incidental house cleaning.

I had breakfast over at the Hickory Pit with Tony, then we went up to the big Fry's in Sunnyvale to walk around and look at the technical toys.  I picked up two boxes of coffee for Gort, my Keurig coffee machine. Then, I swung home, dropped Tony off and threw myself into the process of house cleaning.  I moved the entire contents of the living room into the kitchen (one of the advantages of minimalism) and shampooed the carpet.  It was slow going in part because there was a persistently difficult stain near the front door.  It took several passes to get it cleaned up.  After I shampooed the floor, I went out to grab a bite for lunch.

I stopped at Sushi Boat at Westgate, one of my favorite sushi places, and had a nice and tasty selection of roles with a bowl of Miso soup.  I've been considering getting a new computer desk, so I stopped down at Office Max to see what they had for options, and though they had a couple that came close, in the end, I didn't select any.  I stopped at Orchard Supply Hardware and replaced from cleaning supplies that I had used up during the day, then swung home.

For a while I had the couch, alone, in the middle of the living room floor, and sat on it while I contemplated how to configure the living room. I have an interesting things - I am feeling the need to simplify some more - but, each piece of furniture in the living room gets used routinely.  The only piece that does not get routinely used is the love seat, though that is more out of habit.  I am going to consider donating it, but I am going to consider it carefully. It is a good love seat. After a spot of contemplation, I approved it on a very linear design - we'll see if I like it.

Then, as I slowly put the living room back together, I watched a movie called "Botched" off the DVR. I had recorded it from Showtime and I recorded it because of the cast - Stephen Dorf and Jaime Murray. It was a strange movie and quite literally all of the performances were phoned in.  The entire thing appears to have been shot over the course of a week or two, with minimal sets.  It was not unwatchable - you could see that there was the spark of a good movie in there and, if you like cheesy comedic horror films, you might like it.  My expectation was set very low going in, so I can honestly say I wasn't disappointed. I was entertained and of course, Jaime Murray is always a pleasure to watch.

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