Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sleep Beckons

Well, we've reached the end of another Comic Con. A good time was had by all - or at least by me.  Today, I spent the day walking the floor, picking up pieces for my collection, trying my luck on some of the independents, and in short - walking, standing, walking, standing, walking and standing and finally, walking.  The end result is I am dog tired here at the end of the day.  So, I am going to write more tomorrow - tonight, I just wanted to give you a quick example of how tired I am.  We stopped at the cafe near the hotel. I ordered a bowl of clam chowder and an ice tea. I went to put the Equal into my iced tea and....poured it straight into my chowder.  Then, sat there and stared at it.  I fixed the sweetener out, ate the chowder, came back to the hotel, had a quick call with TR (who is also just home) and now, sleep beckons.

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