Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Last Sunday As Vacation Ends

My vacation is drawing to a close.  It has been a nice two weeks off and I am looking forward to my next shot at a vacation.  Unfortunately, it probably will not be until sometime in the fall.  I need to let the hours re-accumulate in my vacation bank at work.  Though I can't say I am excited about returning to work tomorrow, I am curious as to the overall conditions I am going to be returning to.  I know, from many years of experience, that though the two weeks passed long and slow for me, at work they passed in the blinking of an eye.  I will have a mountain of email and two or three things in crisis, but other than that it will be mostly business as usual.

Today was a pretty good day. I woke early, had a great conversation with TR, then headed out to an early breakfast at the Hickory Pit.  From there, I stopped at Nob Hill and stalked up on healthy groceries for the week to come, including a lot of spinach and green beans and other vegetables.  One thing that is almost always a certainty when on vacation is a tendency to eat on the rich side.  This vacation was no exception.  I had some great meals, but I also ate pretty richly and I am looking forward to falling back onto an ordinary diet. I may even pay a little closer attention to diet over the next month or so, just to get everything reset in the proper place.

After marketing, I came home and set about preparing my old sofa for its new destination.  Unfortunately, like a lot of sofa's, in entered the apartment in part all those years ago.  So, when it came time to remove it, I had to break it down into it's component parts - a back, two sides and a base.  It was messy and time consuming. A lot of furniture is made to go together, but not necessarily to come apart.  In the end though the sofa surgery was successful, I carried the component parts out and sent them on their way to their new home.  It was hot work though and it reminded me of how little time I spend doing significant work with my hands.

From there, I jetted over to Cupertino Square AMC to meet Tony and see Wolverine, but there was a bit of communications confusion and Tony ended up at the wrong location.  We both saw the movie, just at different times and different theater complexes.  As for the movie, well, it was enjoyable, but there where more than a few eye rolling moments for me.  One of the major action pieces in the film is Wolverine fighting a bunch of ninjas.  All I have to say is, gee, those ninjas seemed awful fond of the tuck and roll because they kept doing it for no apparent reason.  Also, I would think that, as a ninja, if you new you were going to running across snow covered rooftops and fighting in snow covered streets, you might want to dress is some other color than black.  It kind of ruins the whole "we're a sneaky clan of master assassins" vibe.  It was enjoyable to see the always beautiful Famke Jensen in her night gown. Over and over. For no apparent reasons other than Wolverine's inner voice is a wee bit sexist.

Then, home, where I watched a pair of Lost Worlds episodes off H2, took a long hot bath, and am going to fire up tonight's episode of Copper in a few moments.  Then, I am going to crawl into bed early because starting tomorrow I return to the ordinary world. I am not really sure what insight I am bringing back from vacation with me, but I hope I am bring something.  It is nice not to feel like I am under high stress and I think I am going to try and hold onto that feeling for a while.

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