Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Wednesday in San Diego

It was a nice first day down here in San Diego. A fairly good nights sleep, with only those interruptions typical of sleeping in a new place. Then, breakfast at Janet's Montana Cafe in Alpine, CA. 

From there, we went up to Balboa Park and walked the area, including the Botanical Gardens.  I've got a bunch of great pictures from the gardens that I will share a little later.  From there, we met Toby for lunch at the Chicken Pie Shop, and then swung over to Town & Country Resort to pick up our badges for the convention. 

There was a bit of a line, but in comparison to other lines we're destined to stand in over the weekend, it was nothing - maybe fifteen minutes, all total. From there, a stop at Target to grab some odds and ends, then back to the hotel for a nap, a great conversation with T.R., then out for a simple dinner of chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. 

Finally, back to the hotel and settling in for a simple and quiet evening.  I am planning on getting a good nights sleep and looking forward to a full convention day tomorrow.

Lately, T.R. and I have been talking about being authentic (in the Buddhist sense). So, that is when my contemplation is turned of late.  Questioning whether or not I am an authentic person, questioning what it is I am missing and why.  It is an interesting internal question. I don't have any answers tonight, but I am comfortable living in that question.

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