Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thoughts on A Comic Con Saturday

Today is zoo day at San Diego Comic Con.  The lines will be off the charts - you will literally end up standing in line longer then the presentation you're standing in line will last.  The exhibitors floor will be packed, wall to wall, and simply moving from one aisle to another will be challenging. However, it is also the best time to see all of the truly amazing Cosplayer's, since the Masquerade is tonight.

Tony was not able to get a ticket for Saturday in the madness that is ticket sales (computer problems on his end), but I did. So, today, I am going to take the shuttle down at some point in the morning and just kind of ease through a couple of hours of floor walking and people watching.  I might try for one of the lesser panels, but I know from experience that, on Saturday, you're lucky to be able to get into two or three panels that might interest you, simply because the demand is so high.

There are plenty of things to do though - besides being crushed on the exhibit floor and taking pictures of any interesting cosplayers, I think I will hit the art show and prowl artists row, maybe to pick up something for my collection.  Then, I may see if I can get in over at the blood drive and make a donation.  Finally, I may make a wide sweep of the downtown area, once again, just to see all the cool costumes and strange people.

There are times when I cannot do crowds.  I kind of ran into it yesterday in the afternoon - I was a tired and feeling hemmed in, where simply moving from one place to another was a difficult thing.  Small things were starting to irritate me and get under my skin.  I always take that as a sign to have a light snack and take some time off, since it is primarily a dance that is going on in my own brain.

So, I am approaching today with the attitude of just take a deep breath, go slow, and ease through the day.  Then, I am sure the day will pass smoothly.  I plan on only spending four or five hours downtown, and then maybe come back out to Mission Valley and catch a movie with Tony, if he is up to it.  I definitely want to see Reds 2.

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