Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pizza Soup and Other Goodies

Well, I've been back in San Jose since Wednesday and simply enjoying the time off.  I have one more day off before it is back into the chaos of work.  Did I learn anything about myself while I was on vacation that may help me through that chaos.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I sometimes feel as if I am on the verge of some discover that will bring me to a place of great peace.  But, whatever that secret is, it sure is elusive.

Let's see if I can hit the highlights of the last couple of days.

Today, I bought a some Feetures (great socks, highly recommended), I bought a new computer monitor (I had an older one that was strictly VGA and DVI.  I needed another HDMI monitor so I could run dual monitors on my various laptops, so I got an Acer that has VGA/DVI/HDMI ports. My computer equipment is of various ages and technology levels, so getting it to all play together can be challenging.

On Friday I picked up a small L shaped desk for my living room.  For the last two years or so I've had my computer desk set up in the spare bedroom and it really hasn't worked for me. It kind of feel like going into a closet to try and work. I can do it, but it lacks the natural feeling that comes from having the computer desk set up in the living room.  It may have something to do with the spaciousness and the light in the living room. We will see if it makes a difference.

I also, finally, bought a new couch.  I've had a loveseat for quite a while, probably close to eight years.  It is okay, but I've wandered to replace it for several years now - it is no longer in style and it no longer fits the layout and design in the living room. It is a tan, overstuffed style of love seat and the room is now pretty much entirely in modern.  I found a nice couch at Jennifer's Convertibles on Stevens Creek that is set to be delivered by Thursday.  So, I have until Thursday to decide what to do with the love seat.  I don't dislike the love seat and I would actually like to see if I could get it into one of the bedrooms, but I am not sure I can get it through the hallway.

I've started reading a book called "Inspiration from Enlightened Nuns", a Buddhist tract.  TR recommended it and I will say - it is a pretty amazing book.  It is a slim volume but it packs a lot of punch.  It's definitely sent my brain spinning and has me contemplating various aspects of  my self.  My self and my environment and my approach to the world.  That sure sounds existential doesn't it?

So, let's turn to the last little thing of the day - pizza soup.  The is the recipe I use and I highly recommend it.

Pizza Soup Recipe

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