Monday, July 15, 2013

The Simple Journey

I've written before about my ongoing journey toward simplicity. I've discovered some interesting things during that journey, things about myself, things about my world. That journey toward simplicity comes in waves.  Each wave carries more and more unnecessary stuff away.  With each subsequent wave I feel that there really isn't a lot left that can be carried away, especially in terms of physical possessions.  Then, time passes, and the next wave begins building.  It seems that there is always stuff that can be moved on. I mention it this morning because I feel another wave coming.

It was a nice morning. I started it with a conversation with T.R., followed by breakfast and a hot shower, and, incidentally, "The Blues Brothers 2000" on cable.  I thought the original was a truly great movie, and the sequel, though amusing, was not as iconic. It is still enjoyable though - and it features the always beautiful Nia Peeples.

I am currently drinking my second cup of coffee and procrastinating my way into the morning.  I still have those two work tasks ahead of me and I am going to dive into them shortly. I reckon that will be a couple of hours of work, so I should wrap it up by noon and have the window to grab something for lunch. Since we're starting the vacation trip tomorrow morning, my plan is to simply move as easily as possible through the day today.

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